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Erosion may be defined as the wearing down of Earth’s surface through weathering and the transportation of the particles to distant places. For example, the […]


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Weathering is the process of disintegration of rock particles from the surface of rocks is known as weathering, while erosion is the process by which […]

Weathering and its types

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Weathering: Weathering is defined as the physical disintegration and chemical alteration of Earth materials by the action of water, air, and organisms. For example, the […]

How to protect in earthquakes?

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Earthquakes bring many changes to the natural and cultural landscape, but the greatest damage caused when buildings fail to survive an earthquake. Earthquake does not […]

Measurement of Earthquakes

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Measuring of an Earthquake: Generally, earthquakes occur at depths of lesser than 100 kilometers under the ground. The earthquakes are frequently noted by the instruments […]

Types of Earthquake waves

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An earthquake produces four types of waves: (1). P-Waves (Primary Waves), (2). S-Waves (Secondary Waves), (3). L-Waves (Surface Waves), and (4). Rayleigh Waves: The tectonic […]

Causes of Earthquakes

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An earthquake is a natural phenomenon, which has many causes behind it. Some of these are natural while others are man-made. Among these causes, the […]